Collective Investment Trusts that put individuals first.

Charles Schwab Trust Bank offers a range of trusts built to the highest fiduciary standards.

Retirement plans have diverse needs. We meet them.

The needs of our clients vary widely. That’s why we’ve developed a range of Collective Investment Trust (CIT) products, including target date trusts, equity trusts (domestic and international), and fixed income trusts. Each trust employs industry-recognized sub-advisors and is available to qualified retirement plans.

The right-sized product for any-size client.

Explore our range of CITs for qualified retirement plans.

  • Target date trusts

    Schwab Managed Retirement TrustsTM and Schwab Indexed Retirement Trusts®

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  • Equity trusts

    Schwab Institutional Large Cap Value Trust, Schwab Institutional Large Cap Growth Trust, Schwab Institutional Small Cap Trust (closed to new investors), Schwab Institutional Diversified International Trust

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  • Fixed income trusts

    Schwab Institutional Core Plus Fixed Income Trust

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