Schwab Indexed Retirement Trust 2050


Unit Class I
Inception Date: 01/05/2009
Expense Ratio:
Fact Sheet

Unit Class IV1
Inception Date: 02/01/2021
Expense ratio: 0.05%
Fact Sheet
Objective: The Trust seeks to provide total return for investors retiring approximately at or near the year 2050.

Strategy: To pursue its investment objective, the Trust is designed as a single investment portfolio that adjusts asset allocation over time to better match the anticipated changing risk tolerances and return objectives of investors over their expected investment horizon. The Trust may diversify holdings by investing in assets across a variety of asset classes, including, but not limited to, domestic equity, international equity, emerging markets equity, global real estate, short-term bond, intermediate-term bond, inflation-protected bond (U.S. TIPS), world bond, and cash equivalents. The Trust uses predominantly passively managed sub-advised strategies to gain exposure to various market capitalizations and asset classes.


Glide Chart - Schwab Indexed Retirement Trust Fund 2050

With the goal of becoming more conservative over time, the Trust is rebalanced annually to reduce equity and increase fixed income and cash equivalents allocations until the Trust reaches a policy allocation, defined in the investment guidelines, of  25% equity (including global real estate) and 75% fixed income and cash equivalents. At this point, the allocation is intended to remain static.

The values of the target trusts will fluctuate up to and after the target date. There is no guarantee the trusts will provide adequate income at or through retirement.
Actual allocations may vary from policy allocations at any point in time.

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